Xiaomi Mijia 3life Pump 002 Water Dispenser

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Food Grade Material:
Food grade silicone hose which can be used to make hoses and nipples on baby bottles.
Pumping Quickly:
It only takes a few seconds to fill a glass of water.
Easily Take Water:
The inclination angle of the natural water flow does not require the hand to hold the kettle.
Prevent Overflow:
Each time you withdraw about 1.5L (1 minute), you can automatically shut down, avoid forgetting to shut down and let the water overflow.
Built-in Rechargeable Battery:
Built-in high-performance rechargeable lithium battery. No need to receive wires when pumping. Every time you are fully charged, you can pump about 120L of water.
Silicon wafer micro central processor for accurate and fast identification of each operational signal.
Two arc-shaped powerful magnets and three sets of independent electromagnetic coils, work together to bring powerful thrust to the pump output.
Pump Body:
The 5-cylinder piston pump body accurately controls 10 pieces of silicone valve door, which can be opened and closed in sequence, and the water source is continuously extracted.Xiaomi Water Pump

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The Xiaomi Water Pump Mijia 3life Pump 002 is made in a modern design, the device has a presentable appearance and practically does not differ from a regular tap. The model is presented in black and white colour with a shiny surface and a touch button. The device has a lightweight of 262 grams, which is easy to remove and re-install to the bottles. The small size makes the device quite miniature, which is very important to save free space in the room. Thanks to its modern design, the device will be an excellent addition to the interior of any home or office.

The wireless water pump Xiaomi Mijia 3life Pump 002 can draw a glass of water in a few seconds. When pouring liquid into the kettle, a natural flow angle is created, it can be placed on the table or floor and not be held in hand. The device is portable and fully rechargeable, it can pump up to 120 litres of water when fully charged. This is enough to meet the needs of a small family for two weeks. The device is charged using a USB cable that comes with the device itself. The powerful thrust of the pump is provided by a good motor, which consists of two arc-shaped magnets and three electromagnetic coils. The body of the model is safe for human health because it is made of food-grade silicone, the model is safe for all family members, including children.

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5 reviews for Xiaomi Mijia 3life Pump 002 Water Dispenser

  1. rapmhigz

    Today is exactly one month since we recieved and used this product. Not only me but my whole family really love this. It made our lives easier. It is very user friendly. Since we started using this, we have not charged it yet. And it works really well. This is indeed heavy duty! I would definitely recommend this because it is a great product. So far this has the best quality that I’ve ever used. Thanks to my good friend who recommended this to me. I have no regrets at all.

    Xiaomi Mijia 3life Pump 002 Water Dispenser
  2. Антон Тимофеев

    Крутая штука! пришло в коробке как на фото все норм

    Xiaomi Mijia 3life Pump 002 Water Dispenser
  3. Sam

    Very fast delivery to Paphos! cool thing, thanks

  4. Anna

    Καλή ποιότητα, λειτουργεί καλά

    Xiaomi Mijia 3life Pump 002 Water Dispenser
  5. AndreasDJ

    Poli kalo

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